The City of Port Colborne Asset Management Plan guides our decision-making regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure assets, such as bridges, roads, water infrastructure and sanitary sewers. The City updated the planning for core, linear assets within our Linear Asset Management Plan on June 28, 2022. 

The goals of our Asset Management Plan are to:

  • Ensure all City-owned infrastructure assets are sustainable into the future
  • Guide decisions related to infrastructure asset investment and divestment
  • Provide guidance in the development of standard maintenance and rehabilitation policies
  • Provide a framework for lifecycle and cost/benefit analyses
  • Promote better integration of infrastructure decisions within larger strategic, community and land-use goals

Strategic Asset Management Policy

Our Strategic Asset Management Policy expresses the commitment of the City to undertake Corporate Asset Management (CAM) in a manner which supports the City's mission to provide quality municipal services that enhance our social fabric, environmental sustainability and cultural vitality; contributing to economic prosperity in our community.