The Region of Niagara handles the collection of garbage/waste, recycling and organics in the City of Port Colborne.

Items collected on your garbage day:

 Blue box 

Containers such as plastics, cans, metals, glass, polystyrene

 Grey box 

 Items such as paper, cardboard, boxboard and bundled plastic bags

 Green bin 

 Items such as food waste, small amounts of yard waste, paper egg cartons

 Yard waste 

 Leaves, plants, weeds, twigs and hedge trimmings. Grass clippings are not accepted


 Non-recyclable and non-compostable items

 Large household items 

Fridges, washers, dryers, carpet, furniture and appliances. To schedule a pick-up, residents can complete the online booking form.

Please Note: Garbage (non- recyclable and non-compostable items) is collected every-other-week. 

Your blue box, grey box and green bin will be collected every week.  There is no limit to the amount of recycling and organics that can be placed at the curb.

For more information on the following, please visit the Niagara Region Waste Management website:

Recycling containers

Recycling containers such as blue and grey boxes, wheeled green organics bins and kitchen organics catchers can be purchased at City Hall in Port Colborne located at 66 Charlotte Street.

Please note we accept cash, debit, credit card and cheque.

Container fees

  • Blue and Grey Boxes - $7.00 each
  • Wheeled Green Organics Bins - $17.00 each
  • Kitchen Organics Catchers - $4.00 each

Damaged or broken containers

If any of your recycling containers are damaged or broken, please bring them into City Hall to show us. We will give you a replacement bin free of charge, as well as a sticker to place on the damaged one. Niagara Region Waste Management will collect the damaged one with your next curbside collection.

New homeowner or renter

New homeowners or tenants are entitled to a free set of recycling bins within 1 year of the possession date or occupancy of the residence.

A copy of your transfer deed that shows your name, address and evidence of the possession date of the home or a rental agreement is required.


Residents of the City of Port Colborne are able to use the Welland – Humberstone Landfill. Please visit their site for more information.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a crime. To report acts of illegal dumping, please contact the Region of Niagara.

Illegal dumping is the disposing of material in non-designated areas, such as public roads, ditches, public property, rural areas, vacant lots and in public litter receptacles.