Consumer fireworks

Before you decide to purchase and use fireworks, ensure you know the laws and your space, and please read all the instructions. There are only a few days a year that you are allowed to use fireworks in the City of Port Colborne and usually there is a public display of fireworks scheduled. Why not leave it up to the professionals?

Know the laws

  • Aside from federal laws, the City of Port Colborne has a fireworks by-law.
  • Consumer fire works can only be discharged on the following days:
    • Victoria Day
    • The day immediately preceding Victoria Day
    • The day immediately following Victoria Day
    • The day immediately preceding Canada Day
    • The day immediately following Canada Day
    • July 4th
    • The day immediately preceding July 4
    • The day immediately following July 4
    • Such other times and dates as permitted by the Fire Chief
  • No person shall sell, give or distribute consumer fireworks to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years.
  • No person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall use, handle discharge, set off, purchase or store consumer fireworks.
  • No person shall discharge consumer fireworks in or on any street of a public place, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Fire Chief.
  • No person shall discharge consumer fireworks except in conformance with the fireworks by-law and between the hours of dusk and 11:00 p.m.
  • Never set off fireworks inside.
  • Do not use any damaged fireworks.
  • Always keep a cell phone, water hose or pail of water close by when discharging fireworks.
  • At home, make sure fireworks are stored in a secure manner, and that they are inaccessible to curious children and at a safe distance from flammable substances.

Read all instructions

  • Refer to the safety instructions on the fireworks label for minimum stand-off distances for you and spectators.
  • Make sure you look up and ensure there are no overhead obstructions in range of your fireworks.
  • Keep sparklers away from children. Sparklers burn extremely hot and can ignite clothing, cause blindness and result in severe burns. As the sparkler wire remains hot for some minutes after burnout, it should be immediately soaked in water to avoid injury.
  • If someone gets burned, run cool water over the wound for three to five minutes and seek medical attention, if necessary.

Consumer fireworks sales

  • No person shall sell consumer fireworks unless a consumer fireworks sales permit has first been obtained from the Fire Chief

Display fireworks/permits and discharging

  • No person shall set off or discharge, or permit to be set off or discharged display fireworks unless a permit to do so has been issued by the Fire Chief
    • A completed permit application in the form provided by the Fire Chief, submitted no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the display event
    • A site plan providing a description of the site to be used for the discharging of the display fireworks
    • Proof that the applicant is certified as a display fireworks supervisor

Below are downloadable copies of the application forms: