Community programs and events ensure that there are always a number of activities to participate in, from arts and culture to theatre to recreation activities to large festivals. As such, a strong sense of community connects the residents of Port Colborne.

 Roselawn Centre for the Arts 
Roselawn Centre for the Arts is home to many musical and theatrical events and public functions throughout the year.
 Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum & Heritage Village 
Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum & Heritage Village features a century of heritage buildings, historic gardens, pathways, covered pavilion, and a tea room. The 1861 Georgian-Revival style Williams Home serves as the main exhibit gallery, interpreting the history of Port Colborne and the Welland Canal through a variety of ever-changing exhibits.
 Recreation & Culture
The City of Port Colborne maintains a wide variety of parks, several public beaches, a large marina, and dozens of kilometres of paved recreational trails. The new Vale Health and Wellness Centre opened in 2012 and is complete with two arenas, an indoor walking track, and a YMCA branch including fitness centre and two pools.
 Canal Days Festival 
Port Colborne hosts the annual Canal Days Festival, which runs through the heart of our city and celebrates our marine heritage with tall-ship visits and programming around the Welland Canal. This multi-day festival brings together a wide variety of vendors and entertainers, and draws thousands of visitors over the course of the August long-weekend.