The City of Port Colborne maintains Overholt Cemetery in the Hamlet of Bethel on Third Concession and Emmanual Lutheran Cemetery located on north side of Beach Rd between Empire Rd and Pleasant Beach Rd in Sherkston.

For information on regulations and how the City manages cemeteries, visit Cemetery By-Law.

  • Overholt Cemetery offers full burial and cremation services, and columbarium operations. 
  • Emmanual Lutheran Cemetery offers full burial and cremation services. 

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 Inactive Cemeteries 

Inactive cemeteries in the community are: 

  • Beach's Burying Ground;
  • Doan Cemetery
  • Knisley & Peter Neff Family Cemetery;
  • Sherk Family Cemetery;
  • United Brethen Cemetery;
  • Shisler Cemetery;
  • Solid Comfort Aboriginal Burial Ground; and
  • Stoner Family Cemetery.
 Bereavement Authority of Ontario 

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario is a non-profit organization that oversee funeral establishments, funeral directors, funeral pre-planners, transfer service operators and sales representatives, and cemetery and crematorium operators and sales representatives.

The City of Port Colborne is a Cemetery/Crematorium Operator, license # 3288833 with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.

Business Licence  Certificate

Overholt Cemetery, Business Licence Certificate operated by the City of Port Colborne.