Licences & Certificates

 Birth & Death Certificates

All births and deaths in Ontario are registered with the Office of the Registrar General.

Online certificates and forms are available through Service Ontario.

Birth certificate

Apply online at Service Ontario for a Birth Certificate.

Death certificate

Apply online at Service Ontario for a Death Certificate.

Please visit the Office of the Registrar General website for more information and contact details.

Business Licences

The City of Port Colborne requires municipal business licenses for the following businesses: 

  • Garages
  • Hawkers and Peddlers (including food trucks and vending carts)
  • Kennels (for properties that house more than three dogs)
  • Lodging Houses
  • Trailer camps

For more information on how to apply and applications, please visit our Business Licence page.

 Dog Licences

DocuPet Inc. manages dog licensing in the City of Port Colborne.  

How to License your pet

Visit DocuPet for more information on how to license your pet:

  • online
  • by phone
  • by mail
  • or in person 

You are not allowed to have more than three (3) dogs, excluding unweaned puppies, on any property in the City of Port Colborne. If you own more than three dogs, you may qualify for a kennel licence.

 Kennel Licence

If you operate a Kennel within the City of Port Colborne, you are required to have a kennel licence.

Visit our Business Licences Page to complete the online Kennel Licence Application form. 

Lottery Licence

You can apply for a lottery licence in the City of Port Colborne if you represent a charitable or religious organization. The Government of Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) regulate lottery licensing in Ontario.

For more information on applications for lottery licences and lottery reporting, please visit our Lottery Licence page.

Marriage Licence

If you plan to get married in Ontario, you can get a marriage licence at Port Colborne City Hall. We issue Marriage Licences between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.


The City of Port Colborne does not provide civil Marriage Ceremonies at City Hall. Please visit our Marriage Licence page for more information.


 Building Permits

The Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits in accordance with the Ontario Building Code Act, the Building By-law and other applicable regulations. You can find a more detailed list of projects that require a building permit on the building permit page. When a permit is required for a project, no construction can begin until a building permit has been issued and picked up.

 Municipal Consent Permits

You must apply for a Municipal Consent Permit if you plan to start any work, or place any items or equipment within the City of Port Colborne's road allowance, known as the right-of-way. This permit application is generally required for actions such as:
  • requesting new services to your property line
  • installing or widening a driveway entrance
  • curb cuts
  • installing a new culvert

Please visit the City's Municipal Consent Permit page for more details.


 Non-profit organization and service club grants

The City of Port Colborne welcomes non-profit organizations and service clubs serving the needs of the residents of Port Colborne to apply for a discretionary grant based on the provisions included in the Grant Policy.  Please visit the City's Grants page for more details.

Business incentives and grants

The City of Port Colborne and the governments of Ontario and Canada offer a range incentive programs for new or expanding businesses. The programs outlined on the City's Economic & Development page are all available in Port Colborne, and most can be stacked together to provide a compelling package for investments in the manufacturing or logistics sectors. 

To learn more about investing in Port Colborne, please visit the City's Economic and Development page.