This committee was established to provide local perspective, guidance and expert strategic advisement in the delivery of economic development services in the City of Port Colborne and to serve in a non-governance capacity with a focus on provision of advice and recommendations for consideration.

Terms of reference

By-law 6299/125/15

By-law 6326/06/16 amending


City Council Representatives

Gary Bruno

Dave Elliott

Port Colborne-Wainfleet Chamber of Commerce Representative

Len Stolk, Stolk Construction

Downtown Port Colborne BIA Representative

Dave Elliott

Main Street BIA Representative

Frank Danch

Business Community Representatives

Larry Fontaine, Chair

Marilyn Barton, Vice-Chair

Andrea Boitor

Geoff Butler

Angela Doyle

Kate Ostryhon-Lumsden

Kevin Reles

Upcoming Meetings



May 31, 2022
March 17, 2021
 February 19, 2020