The City of Port Colborne requires municipal business licences for trailer parks, public garages, lodging houses, hawkers and peddlers, refreshment vehicles and kennels. If you operate a second-hand goods business, salvage yard or transportation business, you need a licence from Niagara Region

  • Note: The current business licencing by-laws are under review.
 City of Port Colborne
The City of Port Colborne's Clerks Division issues licences for different business types, including the following: 
  • Garage businesses to repair vehicles
  • Used car lots
  • Gasoline sales
  • Lodging houses
  • Hawker and peddler (including food trucks)
  • Refreshment vehicles
  • Trailer camps
  • Kennels (for properties that house more than three dogs)
 Niagara Region Public Health
The Niagara Region Public Health department inspects different business types and home occupations, including the following:
  • All food premises (including restaurants, caterers, banquet halls, mobile premises)
  • Special events where food is served
  • Farmers markets
  • Personal services settings (including hair salons, barber shops, nail and pedicure salons, tattoo parlours)
  • Second level lodging homes
  • Group homes
  • Licensed day nurseries including before and after school programs. (Day nurseries are licensed by the Ministry of Education)
  • Retirement homes (licensed by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Agency)   

If you are unsure if your business will require an inspection, please contact Niagara Region Public Health.

 Niagara Regional Police Services
NOTE: Niagara Regional Police Service Licencing and Bylaw Enforcement Unit is no longer operational. 

All business licencing, inspection and enforcement services have been transferred to the Niagara Region.


The Niagara Region issues licenses for different business types and occupations, including the following: 

  • Taxicabs
  • Tow trucks
  • Limousines
  • Sightseeing and shuttle vehicles (including horse drawn carriages)
  • Salvage yards
  • Scrap dealers
  • Auto wrecking yards
  • Second hand stores
  • Second hand goods dealers
  • Adult exotic entertainment parlours and dancers

If you are unsure your business will require a license, please contact the Niagara Region.

Starting a business?

Starting a home business
If you are inquiring about a home business, please call our Planning Department for more information. 
Steps to starting a business

Please visit the City's Starting a Business page for a guide to business regulations, licenses and other considerations

Small business enterprise centre business contacts




Municipal Business Licences

City Of Port Colborne

Clerks Department, City Hall


905-835-2900 x121

Zoning/Planning Information

City of Port Colborne

Planning Department, City Hall

905-835-2900 x205

Building Permits

City of Port Colborne

Building Department, City Hall

905-835-2900 x129

Fire Department

City of Port Colborne

Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services, 3 Killaly Street W


Property Taxes

City of Port Colborne

Finance Department, City Hall


Public Health Department

Niagara Region

Inspection Department

5710 Kitchener Street, N.F.


Niagara Region Business Licensing Department

Licensing Department

5853 Peer Street, 2nd floor, N.F.



Business Name Registration

Service Ontario

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Register Online at:

Service Ontario



Employer Health Tax (EHT)

Ministry of Revenue

Ministry of Finance


Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

(Formerly known as Worker’s Compensation)

301 St. Paul Street, 8th floor

St. Catharines, ON




Provincial Incorporation

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Land Registry Office

59 Church Street, St. Catharines

Service Ontario




Liquor License/Gaming Supplier Licensing

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

90 Sheppard Avenue E., Suite 200

Toronto, ON, M2N 0A4





Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Payroll Deductions, Import/Export Account Canada Revenue Agency

32 Church Street, P.O. Box 3038

St. Catharines ON L2R 3B9

Canada Revenue Agency



Federal Incorporation

Corporations Canada

151 Younge Street

Toronto, ON M5C 2W7

Federal Incorporation




Intellectual Property -

Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office



Business Assistance & Guidance

Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre

Niagara Falls City Hall

Small Business Consultant

Business Information Officer


x 5004

x 5005                   

Business Information

Canada Ontario Business Service Centre

Canada Business



How to apply

You can email or drop off your completed application to the Licensing Clerk at City Hall located at 66 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne ON, L3K 3C8.

Please submit your application at least 2 weeks before your proposed start date to allow enough time for processing and review.

Trailer camps

If you have a trailer park within the City of Port Colborne, you need to apply for a licence to operate. You must also contact Niagara Region Public Health and the Port Colborne Fire Department to arrange an inspection.

Lodging houses

If you own a Lodging House within the City of Port Colborne, you need to apply for a licence to operate. You must also contact Niagara Region Public Health at and the Port Colborne Fire Department to arrange an inspection.


If you own any of the following, you need to apply for a Garage licence from the City of Port Colborne.

  • Motor vehicle repair shop, including a building or place where motor vehicles may be oiled, greased or washed, have their ignition adjusted, tires inflated or batteries charged, or where only minor or running repairs essential to the actual operation of motor vehicles are executed or performed
  • Parking station, parking lot/building, or place where motor vehicles are hired or kept or used for hire
  • Place where vehicles are stored or kept for sale
  • Used/unfit motor vehicles on property (Bylaw Section 22 re: Uncertified vehicles; parts)
  • Motor vehicle inspection station (MVIS)

Gasoline sales

A garage licence is not required for businesses that only sell gas.

Hawkers, peddlers and refreshment vehicles

If you are hawker or peddler, refreshment vehicle, or chip stand/vending cart, you must apply for a licence to operate in the City of Port Colborne. In the application, you will find a summary of requirements for operating your business.


If you operate a Kennel within the City of Port Colborne, you are required to have a kennel licence.

Complete applications

Once the complete application and fee(s) are received, your application will be circulated to the following departments, if necessary for approval:

  • Building Division
  • By-law Enforcement Division
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Planning Department
  • Niagara Regional Public Health
  • Niagara Regional Police


Visit BizPaL if you have questions about other types of non-municipal permits your business may need.

BizPaL is an online service with information from federal and provincial governments. It will help you to figure out what permits, licences and other requirements you need to start your business.

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