Notice of Recount

As a result of a tie between two candidates for the office of Councillor, Ward 2, a recount will be held in accordance with Section 56(1)(a) of the Municipal Elections Act.

The recount will take place on Monday, October 31, 2022, at 1 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 66 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne. 

In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, the persons permitted at the recount are the Ward 2 Candidates. The candidates may also have a lawyer and scrutineer present. Members of the public are not permitted.

If the recount indicates that the two candidates for Ward 2 have received the same number of votes, the clerk shall choose the successful candidate or candidates by lot in accordance with the Municipal Act, immediately following the recount.

2022 Election Accessibility Plan

View the City of Port Colborne Procedures for the Implementation of the Accessibility Plan for the 2022 Municipal Elections. 

City of Port Colborne 2022 Election Accessibility Plan and Report 

 Niagara Compliance Audit Committee

Niagara Compliance Audit Committee Members 2022-2026 Term


BALD, John - Niagara Falls
CIARLO, Robert - Grimsby
DOXSEE, Keith - St. Catharines
PARAKH, Dinesh - Niagara Falls
PEEBLES, Lawrence - St. Catharines
PINDER, Margo - Fort Erie
SALTER, Heather - Thorold  

Terms of Reference 


Certified Candidates

The following are the certified candidates in the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election in the City of Port Colborne. Click the link below to see the list of certified candidates, their contact information, as well as their qualifying address: 

2022 Official List of Certified Candidates

 Certified Acclaimed Candidates
OfficeNameEmailPhone Number

Regional Councillor

Fred Davies

(905) 380-8813

Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir

 Jo-Anne Thibodeau (289) 214-5502

Certified Candidates for City Council
OfficeNameEmailPhone Number


Bill Steele

(905) 736-2284


Charles Steele

(365) 880-7678

Ward 1 Councillor

Heather Mahon

(905) 328-7897

Ward 1 Councillor

Mark Bagu

(905) 733-8388

Ward 1 Councillor

Jesse Boles

(905) 359-5350

Ward 1 Councillor

Dave Elliott

(289) 668-3283

Ward 2 Councillor

Tim Hoyle

(905) 658-1212

Ward 2 Councillor

Angie Desmarais

(905) 341-0450

Ward 2 Councillor

Eric Beauregard

(289) 228-9881

Ward 2 Councillor

Keith Barre

(905) 347-3107

Ward 2 Councillor

Michael Bunton

(905) 834-7242

Ward 2 Councillor

Jennifer Foti

(289) 821-3214

Ward 3 Councillor

Kim Randell

(905) 835-8444

Ward 3 Councillor

Gary Bruno

(289) 687-7275

Ward 3 Councillor

Frank Danch

(905) 834-4913

Ward 4 Councillor

Ian Thompson

(905) 520-8253

Ward 4 Councillor

Ron Bodner

(905) 834-6269

Ward 4 Councillor

Monique Aquilina

(905) 941-6289

 Certified School Board Trustee Candidates
School BoardNameEmailPhone Number

Niagara Catholic
District School Board

Danny Di Lorenzo

(289) 241-1746

Niagara Catholic
District School Board

Karen Desjardins

(905) 984-7139

Niagara Catholic
District School Board

John Eaton-Turner

(905) 745-3893

District School Board of Niagara

Owen Riel

(289) 686-2419

District School Board of Niagara

Gregg Dame  (289) 673-1189

District School Board of Niagara

 Susan Jovanovic  (289) 321-0975



Candidate Information

Who can be a Candidate?

  • Candidates must be a resident of the municipality, a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the municipality, or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant;
  • a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years old;

  • not legally prohibited from voting;

  • not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office.

  • Candidates will need 25 signatures of endorsement from eligible voters and must pay a fee of $100 ($200 for mayor) 


Forms and More Information: 

2022 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) Candidate Guide

2022 Port Colborne Candidates Guide

Port Colborne Election Sign By-law

MMAH Presentation for Candidates 

Yearly Stipend:

The current yearly stipend for City Council is:

  • Mayor $46,175
  • Councillors $22,973 

Niagara Region Election News

Seat at the Table Program

Niagara Region is offering a series of workshops to help communities that are underrepresented in municipal politics feel informed and educated when making the decision to run for local government.

Learn more about the Seat at the Table program on the Region's project page.  

 Third Party Advertiser

Third party advertising refers to advertisements or other materials that support, promote or oppose a candidate, or support, promote or oppose a “yes” or “no” answer to a question on the ballot. The meaning of “third party” in this context means a person or entity who is not a candidate. Third party advertising is separate from any candidate’s campaign, and must be done independently from a candidate. Any advertisements or materials that are made and distributed by a candidate, or under a candidate’s direction, are part of the candidate’s campaign. 

For More Information and Forms: 

2022 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Third Party Advertisers’ Guide

Notice of Registration – Third Party  

Are you Eligible to Vote?

  You are eligible to vote in the election for municipal council if:

• you are a Canadian citizen;
• you are aged 18 or older; and
• you qualify to vote in the municipality

 There are three ways that you can qualify to vote in a municipality:

1. As a resident elector if you live in the municipality. You may own, rent, live in shared accommodation where you do not pay rent or live in the municipality but do not have a fixed address. Being a resident elector is the most common type of eligibility.

2. As a non-resident elector if you own or rent property in a municipality, but it’s not the one where you live. You can be a resident elector in only one municipality. However, you can be a non-resident elector in any other municipality (or municipalities) where you own or rent property.
3. As the spouse of a non-resident elector if your spouse owns or rents property in the municipality or municipalities other than the one where you live.  

What Ward do I live in?

View Maps for Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

All Wards

Voting Methods

 As an elector, there are several ways that you can cast your ballot:  


 *New for 2022 - Vote By Mail on Demand

Eligible voters will be able to choose an alternative to in-person voting in the 2022 Municipal Election.

From September 1st, until September 26th, you can apply for a Vote by Mail on Demand kit to be delivered to your home.  

Vote by Mail on Demand kits are delivered to each registered elector via regular mail with everything needed to vote by mail. All instructions about marking the ballot and returning the completed Vote by Mail on Demand kit are provided in each kit.  

Registration for Vote by Mail on Demand kits will begin September 1, 2022. Those interested in voting by mail must fill out the Registration Form.

Complete the on-line registration form: 2022 Vote by Mail Registration Form.

Registration Forms will also be available at City Hall, or through an email request sent to

Completed Applications may either be returned in person to City Hall or sent by mail to the City Clerk’s office, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall (66 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3C8). 

The final day to submit a Vote by Mail on Demand Registration Form is September 26, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.  Vote by Mail Kits will be mailed the week of September 26th to all those registered. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: 

  • In person, at the Clerks Office located on the 2nd floor of City Hall (66 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne)
  • Over the phone at 905-835-2900 ext. 211
  • By email addressed to  

Advance Polls

All advanced polling opportunities for all residents of Port Colborne will be at Vale Health & Wellness Centre from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the following days:

  • Saturday, October 1, 2022

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2022

  • Friday, October 14, 2022

Election Day

Each of the following polling locations will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day:

  • Ward 1: L. R. Wilson Heritage Research & Archives

  • Ward 1: Port Colborne Baptist Church

  • Ward 2: Community Living Port Colborne-Wainfleet

  • Ward 2: Vale Health & Wellness Centre

  • Ward 3: Christian Life Assembly

  • Ward 3: Port Colborne Social & Recreation Centre for Seniors

  • Ward 4: Bethel United Church

  • Ward 4: St. Therese Catholic Elementary School 

 Proxy Voting

 If you will be unable to attend a polling location to cast your ballot, you may appoint someone to go to the voting place and cast a ballot on your behalf. This person is called your "voting proxy".

To appoint a voting proxy, you must fill out two copies of the Appointment for Voting Proxy Form – Form 3 and give the copies to the person that you are appointing as your proxy.

Click the following link to access this form:

You must know who you want to appoint as your proxy when you fill out and sign the form. The person you want to appoint must be eligible to vote in the election and should be someone you trust to mark the ballot in the way you have instructed them to.

You can appoint a proxy after the nominations have been certified.

If someone has appointed you as their voting proxy, you must take the completed forms to the City Clerk to get them certified. Once the forms have been certified, you may cast a vote on behalf of the person who appointed you. You may not act as a voting proxy without first certifying these forms with the City Clerk.

The following is a list of some restrictions those using the proxy voting system must abide by:

  • If you are appointed as the proxy for one family member, you may also be appointed as the proxy for additional family members. Family member refers to a spouse, sibling, parent, child, grandparent, or grandchild.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you may be appointed, but it must only be for family members.
  • You cannot be appointed as a proxy for a non-family member and a family member at the same time.
  • If you are appointed as the proxy for a person who is not a family member, you can act as the proxy for this one person only. You cannot be a proxy for anyone else.

Find out who is eligible to vote, how to vote, and how you can support candidates by viewing the Ministry's 2022 Voter's Guide. 

2022 Key Election Dates

 May 2, 2022
  • Candidate Nomination Period opens. Nomination forms may be filed during regular business hours in the Office of the City Clerk, located at 66 Charlotte Street.

  • A person cannot raise or spend money on an election campaign until they have filed the nomination paperwork.

August 19, 2022 - 2:00 p.m.

  •  Nomination Day. Candidate Nomination Period closes.
  • Those interested in running as a candidate have until 2:00 p.m. to file their nomination papers, withdraw a nomination, or change office.

August 22, 2022

  • Certification of Nomination Forms and Acclamations. The City Clerk will certify nomination forms prior to 4:00 p.m.
  • If there are positions declared elected by acclamation (e.g. no other candidates running for the same position), a list will be posted by the City after 4:00 p.m.

September 2022

  • Voters' List available to candidates - September 1, 2022

October 2022 

  • Port Colborne Voters go to the Polls
    • Advanced Voting 
    • Election Day Voting
  • During the week of October 24th, 2022 Official Election results are declared by the City Clerk as soon as possible after voting day.

November 15, 2022

  • New Council terms begins.

November 22, 2022

  • Inaugural meeting of City Council.