This committee was established to oversee the distribution of grants to non-profit organizations who have applied for operating or project-based grants.

Who can apply

To be eligible to receive a grant, the organization shall:

  1. be incorporated as a non-profit corporation with charitable objectives, or a non-profit entity within the City of Port Colborne or be registered as a charitable corporation under the Canada Income Tax Act;
  2. have been in existence for at least one (1) year;
  3. have its operations located in the Niagara Region; and
  4. provide direct, community-based services to the residents of the City.

Each funding stream has additional eligibility criteria. To view the full list of requirements, please use the following link to access the City of Port Colborne Grant Policy:

City of Port Colborne Grant Policy

How to apply

The granting program is divided into two specific periods: the first due date is January 31st of each year and the second due date is June 30th of each year. Your non-profit organization can only apply once in a fiscal period.

To access the application form for a grant for your non-profit organization, please click the following link:

City of Port Colborne Grant Application Form

Terms of Reference

To view the Grant Allocation Advisory Committee's Terms of Reference, please click the following link: 

View the Grant Allocation Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


Mayor William C. Steele

Councillor Tim Hoyle

Councillor Monique Aquilina

Bea Kenny

Brenda Haymes

Upcoming Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes

To view the Grant Allocation Advisory Committee's upcoming meeting dates, agendas, and approved minutes, please click the following link: 

Previous Minutes


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