Request an Inspection

  • The owner of a property may request a fire safety inspection.

Complaint Inspection

  • If you have reason to believe that a property within the City of Port Colborne does not comply with the Ontario Fire Code, or if there are fire hazards, you may file a complaint
  • Anonymous complaints will not be addressed. Personal information is collected in accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Open Air Burn Inspection (Farmers)

  • As per By-law No.6788/38/20, no person shall conduct or permit to be conducted an open air burning within the boundaries of Port Colborne unless permission has first been granted by the Fire Chief or their designate.

Book an Inspection

If you require an inspection complete the Request for Inspection Form.

Inspections that are conducted by Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services may be subject to fees in accordance with the City of Port Colborne by-law to establish fees and charges for various services.



Port Colborne Annual Community Safety Day

  • In May of each year, Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services hosts a fun-filled community safety day for the whole family at no cost. We host a bicycle rodeo where your child can bring their bike and be taught bicycle safety.

Fire Prevention Week

  • Our Fire Service also hosts a day during Fire Prevention Week kick-off where your family can participate in fire prevention activities at no cost. Sparky is always on hand for your special photos.

Fire Safety Presentations

Port Colborne Fire & Emergency Services offers several educational safety programs that are available to the residents of Port Colborne. Programs include classroom public education, fire extinguisher training, smoke alarm program, and more.

Public Education Request Form

If you are interested in one of our fire safety presentations, complete the Public Education Request Form. You must book a presentation at least three weeks in advance of the date.