About Nickel Beach

Nickel Beach is the perfect beach for windsurfing, swimming and sunbathing.

Located on Lake Erie at the southern end of Welland Street at Lake Street, this beach offers white sandy beaches, great trails to explore and public amenities including shady picnic areas, restroom facilities and volleyball courts. Come out and enjoy some fun in the sun at Nickel Beach!

Nickel beach is one of the few remaining beaches that offers beachgoers the rare and one-of-a-kind option to park their vehicles directly on the beachfront for the duration of their stay.

2021 Seasonal Hours of Operation (Beachfront Parking Access)

Beachfront operations including beachfront parking, washroom facilities and waste services are now closed for the 2021 season. Beach access is available by means of walk-on access only.

Nickel Beach Rates 2021

PORTicipate Resident Pass  (Port Colborne residents only)


Beachfront Parking Daily Passes (Non- Port Colborne residents)

Monday – Friday

Niagara Residents - $20

Non-Residents - $50

Weekends + Holidays

Niagara Residents - $25

Non-Residents - $55

Non- Beachfront Parking

*Due to COVID-19 all non-beachfront parking options and walk-on access for non- Port Colborne residents will be prohibited through the 2021 season.

Accessible Parking

There is no designated accessible parking lot area; however, those who require accessible parking will be provided space to park within the front entrance gates by staff. Note – Accessible parking passes do not grant access for beachfront parking without charge.

Waste Management

Beachgoers are reminded to be respectful of their environment. Please use the waste receptacles provided for acceptable items only. All leftover charcoal, or propane tanks are the responsibility of the user to dispose of. Anyone found littering, or leaving prohibited barbecue waste are subject to fines.

Daily Beach Capacity

There will be a daily limit to beachfront parking in order to ensure the safety, and accessibility for all beachgoers. Maximum beachfront parking spots will be limited to 150 vehicles daily for non- Port Colborne residents. Check on availability and purchase your daily passes.

Washroom Facilities

There is public access to portable washroom facilities and hand sanitation stations on the beachfront.

What Not to Bring to the Beach

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and vaping devices (all beaches in Niagara are smoke and vape free), pets (with the exception of registered service animals), motorized watercraft, any type of tent/shade structure's that are enclosed, or that exceed a 10x10 footprint.

Terms & Conditions

Inclement Weather & Beach Closures

Beaches remain open during the majority of weather events through the season. Unless beaches have been closed by the City of Port Colborne for an entire operational day, it is the responsibility of a day pass holder to request a refund/date move no less than 48hrs of the event date if weather is a concern. The City of Port Colborne will not process refunds or date moves  for daily passes if requests do not meet the terms outlined in the cancellation policy below.

Daily operations at Nickel Beach are not affected by the daily water quality status through the season. Day pass refund/date move requests based on water quality testing results will not be accommodated unless the requests meet the 48 hour cancellation policy.

In the event of beach closures due to adverse weather conditions or any other factor, Nickel Beach will be closed to the public for beachfront parking access up to, and including a full day of operating hours. If a beach closure is implemented for a full operating day, patrons who have purchased a daily pass for beachfront parking access will receive an automatic refund and will be able to secure a daily pass for an alternative date at no extra charge.

Refusal of Entry

The City of Port Colborne reserves the right to revoke passes and/or refuse entry to any patron (resident or non-resident) that are found:

  • Upselling, transferring or selling daily beachfront parking passes or residential PORTicipate passes
  • Falsifying information in order to manipulate fees for access
  • Providing shuttle services into the beach for anyone who is not from a registered day pass carload that has been checked in
  • Disruptive or abusive behavior towards staff, security, or any other member of the public
  • Dangerous driving
  • In possession of prohibited items
  • Engaging in any activity that may be found harmful to the natural environment

Cancellation/Refund Policy - Daily Passes

The City of Port Colborne will administer cancellations for daily beachfront parking passes that have been purchased in advance. Cancellation requests are to be sent to the City of Port Colborne no less than 48 hours in advance of the opening hours for an event date. A refund and ticket cancellation will be processed for patrons who meet this criteria so that an alternative pass can be purchased at their convenience, at no extra charge.


Day pass purchases for beachfront parking is solely for individual use and each pass registered is therefore non-transferable. The City of Port Colborne reserves the right to revoke passes and access to individuals found violating these terms.

Towing Services

Vehicles stuck in the sand may be subject to towing fee, *towing service fee may be applied by a 3rd party – The City of Port Colborne is not responsible to provide towing services

Additional Rules/Regulations

  • Open fires are not allowed on the beach/park property
  • Launching of motorized watercraft is not allowed
  • No trailer or overnight camping is allowed
  • Swimming is not supervised
  • Hours of operation are subject to change and may be adjusted due to severe weather and heat advisory
  • The City of Port Colborne advocates proper waste management & recycling programs, your assistance is appreciated in keeping the beach property clean and tidy


Is Lake Erie Safe for Swimming?

During the summer months, beaches along Lake Erie are safe to swim in. If the water is unsafe to swim in, Niagara Region Public Health signs will be posted at the entrance of the beach.

Beaches are unsafe for swimming when the water contains levels of bacteria that may increase a bather's risk of developing a variety of irritations and infections. Most common are minor skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections and occasional stomach disorders. Sometimes a beach may be posted unsafe because of floating debris, oil, scum, excessive weed growth, bad odors and general turbidity.

Niagara Region Public Health will post the status of local beaches every Friday during the summer.

To obtain information on the status of beaches in the Niagara Region call 1-888-505-6074, ext 7789.