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Teen book reviews

We are looking for teen guest reviewers to read and write book reviews. Each approved book review will earn you five hours of community service! Reviews will be published here and on social media accounts. Contact us for more information if you want to participate.

 Young adult book review: The Night Country by Melissa Albert

The Night Country is the amazing and dark sequel to The Hazel Wood. Alice Proserpine, an ex-story*, goes back into her fascinating world of dark fairy tales known as The Hinterland. The Night Country tackles the issue of Alice and other ex-stories making their way into the human world, and whether or not they should adapt to fit in with the many humans living around them. Alice, however, has something many of these ex-stories don't have: a home and someone who loves her, which has an impact on her decisions. This modern, sometimes disturbing, story addresses the truths children’s fairy tales sometimes hide from us.

As I read The Night Country, I noticed a few confusing plot lines, but overall it’s a great read, especially if you liked The Hazel Wood. The characters are so well-written and you really start to like and dislike them respectively. If you aren’t a big fan of fairy tales, or the darker versions of them, Melissa Albert’s book probably isn't for you, but this novel really shows that fairy tales aren't just for little kids. There’s this beautiful dark twist that the author puts on the regular expectations of fairy tales which is really entertaining. Not only that, but Alice goes through many relatable struggles throughout The Night Country, making her a likeable character, although Sophia, her friend, is my absolute favourite. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tales, or to someone who used to and wants to rekindle that flame.


*All of the characters from The Hinterland, where Alice is from, that move to the human world are referred to as “ex-stories.”

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The Night Country by Melissa Albert

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