Niagara Region

February marks Black History Month, a time when we celebrate Black culture and recognize the many accomplishments and contributions made in Niagara, in our province, and across our country by those in the Black community. 

Here in Niagara, we have an especially rich history that intersects with that of the Underground Railroad and key figures in Black history, including Harriet Tubman, Anthony Burns and others. While we have cause to be proud of such moments, the events we have witnessed over the past year have certainly highlighted the fact that anti-Black racism is still an issue that deserves everyone’s attention.

In September of last year, I, along with all 12 of Niagara’s mayors, signed our communities onto the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, reflecting our shared commitment to work toward policies that eradicate racism and discrimination, and promote human rights and diversity. I am encouraged at the progress we have made as a community, however much work still remains to be done.

Please take the opportunity to virtually explore the many exhibits, displays and resources on Black history that Niagara has to offer, like Niagara Parks’ Black History Speaker Series, and find ways you can get involved. We owe it to ourselves to become better acquainted with these seminal moments in our history, to learn from them, and to use them to build a brighter future for us all.​

A message from Niagara Region.