Special Weather

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has issued a Special Weather Statement for Port Colborne and areas along the Lake Erie shoreline, calling for very strong southwesterly winds beginning early Friday morning. Sustained winds of 50km/hr with gusts approaching 100km/hr are possible for Port Colborne and shores of Lake Erie.  This is anticipated to last until Friday evening.  

These winds will significantly increase water levels and waves along the Lake Erie Shoreline. Residents living along Lake Erie should pay very close attention to water levels and waves in their area and are urged to stay away from the shoreline of Lake Erie during this event. Residents are also advised to close storm shutters and take other flood proofing precautions as necessary. Increased erosion and flooding due to storm surge and strong waves are likely.

What are City staff doing to prepare?

  • Staff have been monitoring the weather and will continue to do so to prepare infrastructure, including municipal drains
    • Wind speed, gusts, and the direction of wind can impact municipal drains
    • When the wind increases, particularly a south or southwest wind, the levels on Lake Erie increase, pushing the water back into the drains
    • If necessary, flood gates on the following drains will be closed to prevent the rising lake levels from impacting areas along the drain and to ensure the watershed has maximum storage capacity available for inland flows:
      • Eagle Marsh Drain
      • Wignell Drain
      • Beaver Dam Drain
      • Oil Mill Creek
      • Staff will monitor the weather and if necessary, pre-install road barricades at H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park and surrounding areas tomorrow morning, in preparation for increased lake levels
      • Forestry equipment, including chippers and chain saws, have been checked and serviced and chippers have already been hooked up to trucks to respond as needed to downed trees
      • Contractors have also been placed on standby by and are prepared to respond to an emergency call for down trees in the municipality
      • Crews in urban area are inspecting and clearing catch basins and grates for fallen leaves and debris. They are focusing on our vulnerable areas with mature trees to ensure water can drain properly off the road allowance. 
      • Both operation and administrative staff are prepared to respond to an after-hours emergency.

 If assistance is required during regular hours or after hours, call 905-835-5079.