map showing areas of sewer lining




The City of Port Colborne wastewater sewermain is located within the public right-of-way (street, boulevard, etc.), but may be located within City’s easements near your property. Refer to the map below for specific location and the numerical order.  




Residents located within the red boxes on map below may experience construction delays or odours. Any resident directly impacted will receive an additional letter from the city and contractor prior to construction.   




This work is tentatively planned to begin October 30, 2023, with completion anticipated by January 2024. Please note this work and schedule is weather dependent. You will receive additional information which will be distributed by Sewer Technologies Inc. prior to work commencement in your area and you will only receive a notice if your residence is directly affected by the work taking place.




Work will involve the repair of the sanitary sewer using a no-dig, trenchless rehabilitation technology called Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). This process minimizes the inconveniences usually associated with open-cut sewer repair by eliminating the need for excavation. The liner installation is completed in one day and residents will receive a notice from the contractor beforehand.