Road Allowance

Port Colborne is moving forward with a road allowance study along Lake Erie’s shoreline in preparation for the 2021 summer season.   

As passed by Council in early 2020, City staff were tasked with completing a review of road allowances that end at Lake Erie’s shoreline. Working with Sierra Planning and Management, a consulting firm from Toronto, a comprehensive plan was established with the goal of producing operational considerations. This includes but is not limited to, protecting residential amenities, commercial activity, health and safety of visitors and residents, and ensuring environmental protection. Due to COVID-19, and unforeseen circumstances, this study was postponed until late 2020.

As recommended by Sierra Planning and Management, the strategic approach to gathering data will be staggered. The first phase of this study was a survey mailed to the home addresses of property owners within a certain geographical location of the road allowances: Reuter Road to the west, Holloway Bay Road to the east, Killaly Street and Highway 3 to the north, and Lake Erie to the south. The letter was mailed in December 2020, asking property owners to complete an online survey related to the use and management of the road allowances for recreational use. Please be advised, the City has extended the deadline for completion to February 17, 2021. Business owners within these geographical locations will also be consulted during this initial phase of the study.   

“The first goal of this study is to collect the opinions of property owners who live near road allowances,” said Scott Luey, Chief Administrative Officer. “We value the opinions of all Port Colborne residents, however, in this initial stage we wanted to target the property owners who would be directly impacted by any road allowance decision. Once the data is reviewed and evaluated, we would then present all options for solutions to the entire community for feedback.”

The second phase of this study, once the survey results are reviewed, is a virtual public meeting open to all residents and interested parties. During this meeting residents can ask questions and address concerns they may have. Once the meeting date is finalized, it will be communicated accordingly.  

“We understand there has been some concern from the community that the City is choosing to exclude the opinions of others,” said Luey. “I can assure you; this is not the case. We are consulting various stakeholders, at various times throughout this process; everyone’s voice will be heard.”

For anyone interested in learning more, Jon Hack, Director, Sierra Planning and Management gave a presentation at the January 11, 2021 Council meeting. Please watch below for more details.