Pile of take out order receipts

After seeing almost 50 cm of snow fall across the city earlier this week, staff were busy not only plowing snow, but battling vehicles parked on city streets. More than 25 tickets were issued to vehicle owners parked on roadways during snowplow operations, with a fine attached of $75. However, those vehicle owners have an opportunity to pay their parking ticket in an unconventional way: with a receipt from a Port Colborne restaurant.

To support local restaurants during current restrictions on dining-in, Port Colborne is taking the lead from the City of Barrie, offering those who received a parking ticket the opportunity to support the restaurant community. Ticket holders must purchase take-out from a Port Colborne restaurant, totaling $75 (or more), between Jan. 21 to 30, 2022, and have until Feb. 2, 2022, to submit their receipt and parking ticket to the Fire Hall, 3 Killaly St. W, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., to pay off their outstanding ticket.

“This was the first significant snowfall we have had this year, and for quite a few years. Although tickets were issued to vehicle owners interfering with snowplow operations, we wanted to use this opportunity to educate about our policy by also supporting our local restaurants currently operating under public health restrictions until Jan. 31”, said Scott Lawson, director of the community safety and enforcement department.

To show appreciation for Port Colborne residents who spent countless hours shoveling snow, the city is also holding a contest for anyone who may be too tired to cook. Any resident that orders take-out from a Port Colborne restaurant between Jan. 21 to 30, 2022, and either posts a photo of their take-out order on the City’s Facebook contest post, tags the City in a public post on social media, or emails the photo to communicationsofficer@portcolborne.ca, along with mentioning the restaurant they ordered from, will be entered into a contest to win a $75 gift certificate from a Port Colborne restaurant of their choice.

Disclaimers: any photo submitted is granting the City of Port Colborne permissions to use that image on various marketing materials in the future. Residents using a restaurant receipt to pay off a parking ticket are also not eligible to enter the contest.

“Since the beginning of COVID-19, the City of Port Colborne has worked to support local businesses and this is another example of our city-wide efforts”, said Bram Cotton, economic development officer. “We will continue to support our residents and businesses throughout this pandemic, and whatever weather events come our way, as we are a community anchored in resilience.”

For a full listing of restaurants in Port Colborne, visit the city’s online business directory.

 And next time the snow falls, please don’t park where we plow. To learn more about Port Colborne’s winter control operations, including parking restrictions, visit our webpage.