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Are you registered to vote in the 2022 Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections on Oct. 24, 2022? Your name must be on the voters’ list in order for you to cast a ballot.

Registered Niagara electors will receive voter information notices or cards in the mail telling them when and where to vote, including advanced polling dates and locations for most municipalities in Niagara. This may not be applicable for municipalities who will vote by mail.

Voters are encouraged to keep their voter information notice or card in a safe location so that on Election Day they have a quick and easy reference of where to vote.

For a seamless voting experience, it is recommended that the notices or cards be brought with you to your voting location, together with a piece of acceptable identification.

If you do not receive information about voting, you can contact your local municipal Clerk's Office to ensure you are on the voters' list and to find out where you vote on Election Day.

For more information about the election, visit Niagara Votes.​