hydrant flow

Beginning, Wed., May 17, the City's utilities department will be conducting hydrant fire flow testing in Zone 4 of the City, see the map below for details. Flow testing and flushing is done annually to ensure adequate water flow for firefighting activities, fire sprinkler systems, residents, and businesses. 

The goal is to clear any iron and mineral deposits from watermains to help maintain the City's water clarity and quality, and to provide important fire flow data that can influence development opportunities and insurance rates for our residents and businesses. 

Residents in the area may notice their water is temporarily rusty in colour because the iron and mineral deposits in the water are stirred up. The water is safe to use and consume during hydrant maintenance, however it may stain laundry. 

Residents are encouraged to limit their water use and wait until hydrant maintenance activities have finished in their area. Once maintenance is finished, they can run the cold water tap in the lowest level of their home (i.e. laundry tub in the basement, bathtub, etc.) until the water runs clear. This may take 10-15 minutes and will likely use less than 1m3 (or 1,000 L) of water.  

Questions? Call the Engineering and Operations Centre at 905-835-2000 and press '9'.