In a unanimous vote at last night’s meeting, Council approved Port Colborne’s 2020-2023 strategic plan to help inform decision-making, set priorities, and allocate resources to ensure the City’s future success.  

Developed to support the City’s Vision and Mission Statement, the document encompasses goals as well as several projects and initiatives to support two strategic pillars, community and corporate. The finalized plan was a collaborative effort by City staff and Council with key themes and strategic directions being supported by community survey results.

“The strategic plan is a guiding document that will continue to steer us into the future,” said Mayor Bill Steele. “As our mission statement indicates, our goal is to provide an exceptional small-town experience in a big way and I’m confident implementing this plan will keep Council and staff accountable to executing key initiatives.”

Prior to finalizing the strategic plan, City staff engaged the community to understand their needs, values, and vision for Port Colborne. The results showed residents having a strong connection to the concept of sustainability, with areas such as arts and culture, parks and recreation, and economic development, deemed top priorities. The feedback received suggests common goals for the unique assets found throughout the community and are reflected in the finalized strategic plan.

“Community feedback is vital when creating strategic priorities,” said Scott Luey, CAO. “We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete the community engagement survey we launched in April. The responses received help validate the strategic direction the City is headed in and support the day-to-day work of staff who are committed to providing customer service excellence and achieving results for the community.”

Council and staff initiated the strategic planning process in 2019 and facilitated several roundtable discussions into the first quarter of 2020. As a result of the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the process was paused until early 2021. With the finalized document approved, City staff will begin implementing it across all departments and incorporating it in all future City initiatives and decision-making. The strategic plan and results of the community engagement survey can be found online.