2023-2026 strategic plan

At their meeting last night, Port Colborne City Council adopted a new strategic plan for 2023-2026 that reflects the city’s ambitions toward climate change adaptation, environmental protection, public infrastructure, health and livability, and economic stability.

The development of this strategic plan drew significantly on the challenges facing the community.

“We engaged with hundreds of residents, businesses and other key stakeholders to learn about their dreams and desires for the future of Port Colborne,” said Mayor Bill Steele. “The feedback we gathered has thoroughly shaped the new strategic plan and has helped us to identify our priorities over the next three years.”

The community engagement process began in January 2023 with a print and online survey. More than 500 residents, businesses and other stakeholders provided feedback that was analyzed and presented to Council earlier this year.  

“This is our most ambitious strategic plan yet,” said Port Colborne’s CAO Scott Luey. “We’ve introduced clear goals and bold measures that will challenge corporate leadership and staff to deliver the best quality of life possible for the residents of Port Colborne. The strategic plan is more than just a document we create now and leave on a shelf for the next three years. It is truly our guide for providing an exceptional small-town experience in a big way.”

The City’s new strategic plan preserves elements from the previous (2020-2023) plan, including the mission and vision statements and corporate values.

“Council wanted to see a more balanced perspective between the financial and non-financial drivers of being a sustainable community,” said Steele. “Collaboration is what brought this plan together, and collaboration is the tool that will steer Port Colborne into a prosperous future.”

Strengthening partnerships with like-minded businesses, organizations, and agencies, as well as all three levels of government, are considered key to successfully leading the plan’s five strategic pillars.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan can be viewed on the City’s website. As a live document that must remain relevant and responsive to changing needs and circumstances, reports on the plan’s progress will be presented to Council three times a year.