Mayor and CAO in new tshirts

The City of Port Colborne is proud to announce the launch of its new community logo, a symbol designed to capture the essence of our vibrant city and honor its rich marine heritage. Intended to foster a sense of belonging and unity, the logo will be available for members of our community to wear proudly on hats, t-shirts, sweaters and more. Residents and visitors are invited to display their Port Colborne pride by wearing the new logo around town and beyond.

For a limited time, the City will be offering t-shirts, sweaters, and hats for sale with the new community logo displayed proudly on the front. The merchandise will be available for purchase at various City events, the weekly Port Colborne Farmers’ Market, City Hall and more.

Youth t-shirts: $20

Adult t-shirts: $25

Hats: $25

Adult sweatshirts: $45

During Canal Days, the new community logo merchandise will be featured at “The Pilot House”, the City’s booth on West Street, located at the base of Charlotte Street. Canal Days has been a staple in our community for the last 45 years, and attracts both locals and visitors, making it the perfect opportunity to showcase our new logo and invite everyone to become a part of Port Colborne’s story.

After Canal Days, the City will open the logo up for use by businesses and members of the public to use, free of licensing or other charges.

The City of Port Colborne’s corporate logo remain the same, but is trademarked and can only be displayed by authorized individuals, such as City staff.