A subdivision of property is the process of dividing land into two or more lots so that they can be held in separate ownership.

Application process

Plan of Subdivision approval is required to ensure that:

  • The subject land is suitable for the proposed use
  • The proposal conforms with Municipal, Provincial and Regional Policies
  • The community is protected from development that is inappropriate

Before submitting your application, it is required that you consult with staff to determine what supporting documents and studies will be required to evaluate the proposal, verify information on the application, and to clarify the procedures to follow. Please be sure to include all applicable fees in your application.

Draft plan approval

An application for a Subdivision is a public process in which the development is presented to Council. Council will consider subdivision applications and decide to either approve or refuse the development. If your application receives Draft Approval, you will be advised of any conditions that must be met in order to obtain final approval and registration. You, or the developer, will be required to enter into a subdivision agreement with the municipality.

If your application is denied, you will be advised of the decision and informed that it may be appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

Contact information

For more information regarding the City of Port Colborne's Subdivisions, please contact the Planning Department.