The City of Port Colborne Official Plan was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (now the Ontario Land Tribunal) on November 25. 2013. The Official Plan sets long-term goals and objectives for our community, guides our By-laws, and informs Council on land-use decisions and how to manage change.

What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan is an important planning document which sets out the land use policy directions for long-term growth and development in the municipality.

Official Plan Schedules

Schedule A: City Wide Land Use

Schedule A1: Greenfields

Schedule A2: Hamlets – Bethel

Schedule A3: Hamlets – Gasline

Schedule A4: Hamlets – Sherkston

Schedule B: Natural Heritage

Schedule B1: Environmental Protection Area

Schedule B2: Environmental Conservation Area

Schedule B3: Vulnerable Aquifer Area

Schedule C: Mineral Aggregate and Petroleum Resources

Schedule D: Transportation

Schedule E: Sherkston Shores Secondary Plan

Schedule F: East Waterfront Secondary Plan

Schedule G: Westwood Park Secondary Plan

Schedule H: Source Water Protection

Official Plan Appendices

Appendix A

Official Plan Amendments

Occasionally, it is necessary to amend the policies and/or designations within the Official Plan in order to address new policies, local issues, new opportunities or development. Opportunities for public review and input are provided prior to the City adopting Official Plan Amendments. 

Before submitting your application, it is recommended that you consult with staff to discuss the merits of your application and identify required supporting documentation. You must complete an Official Plan Amendment Application.

For information regarding current Official Plan Amendments underway, please refer to our Current Applications page.

More information

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For a complete guide to Official Plans, check out our Citizen's Guide to Official Plans.

Contact information

For more information regarding the City of Port Colborne's Official Plan please contact the Planning Department.