The businesses present within the City of Port Colborne have created employment, made investments in facilities and provided a support network which anchors our local economy. Recognizing this value, the City of Port Colborne, through the Economic Development and Tourism division, has launched a formal Business Visitation Program. The program seeks to enhance communication between the City and the business community, to introduce the community to a single point of contact and create opportunities for local businesses to voice concerns and discuss how the City can facilitate retention and growth.

The Business Visitation Program is part of a broader business retention strategy, being undertaken by the City to identify ways to support and grow our local businesses through the creation of a non-bureaucratic, proactive, business-friendly government.

Objectives of the Program 

The objective of the program is to enable the City to:

  • Express our gratitude to businesses which have chosen to establish operations in the City of Port Colborne;
  • Meet with owners and operators to learn about business operation, future plans, business issues, problems and barriers to business operation within the City of Port Colborne;
  • Assist us in establishing longer term economic and community development priorities by gathering information that will help reduce business costs, improve competitiveness, enhance infrastructure and increase & develop viable local and export markets;
  • Connect local companies with resources for growth and networking opportunities; and
  • Discuss services and resources available within the government (Municipality, Regional, Provincial and/or Federal).

With the enhanced communication and knowledge acquired, the City will be better equipped to represent the interests of Port Colborne businesses.

Get Involved 

The City invites business owners and managers to schedule an appointment to participate in the Business Visitation Program by completing the Business Visitation Program: Expression of Interest form. Once the questionnaire is received staff from the Economic Development and Tourism division will contact you to discuss and confirm appointment.

Learn More 

For more information about the Business Visitation Program, or to schedule a meeting, please contact the Economic Development Officer.