The City has retained WSP to provide design services for the restoration of Tennessee Avenue Pillars, Firelane 1 Pillars and Firelane 2 Pillars.

This work will include an evaluation of the Natural Heritage Pillars located at the following three locations:

  • Tennessee Avenue and Sugarloaf Street
  • Firelane 1 and Lorraine Road
  • Firelane 2 and Pinecrest Road
 Project Description

In accordance with Section 33 of the Ontario Heritage Act, the City would like to undertake an inspection and repair of the wall, pillars and gates at Tennessee Avenue to address noted settlement and cracking, as well as removal of blue smudges from previous repair programs.

The Firelane Pillars are located at the east end of Firelane 1 where the road intersects with Lorraine Road and the west end of Firelane 2 where the road intersects with Pinecrest Road. While not designated by their own individual by-law, these pillars are referenced in the Heritage Bylaw of adjacent properties and are of historical significance to the area. The City will undertake an inspection and repair of the pillars, including relocation of one pillar at each location to  accommodate larger vehicle traffic as well as fire-truck access. The evaluation and repair is also to address any noted settlement and masonry deterioration.

The consultant, WSP, will review and present options, communicate, and arrive at a mutually-agreeable solution, meeting the City of Port Colborne’s requirements in partnership with the Heritage Committee. WSP will present a range of management strategies, from targeting the areas of the assets at highest risk to options for full renewal.

 Project Schedule 

The inspection will be completed on Thursday July 7, 2022 with a rain date of Friday, July 8, 2022.

WSP will prepare a design for review by staff and approval from the Heritage Committee.

The project design is expected to be completed by December 2022.

Letters to Residents 

Resident notification letter of WSP June 30, 2022