Water and wastewater services are a shared responsibility between Port Colborne and Niagara Region. 


The Regional Municipality of Niagara draws water from the Welland Canal and treats it to make it safe to drink. Then the water is sent to the Fielden Avenue Reservoir, or the Barrick Road Water Tower, and then to the City-owned water distribution system and to our homes and businesses.

For more information, visit the Port Colborne Water Treatment plant website. 


Wastewater is collected from Port Colborne homes and businesses by the City's wastewater collection system, which is made up of approximately 90 km of sewer mains. Wastewater is then emptied into one of the Region's 17 sewage pumping stations and then pumped to the Region's Seaway Wastewater Treatment Plant. There it is treated and then discharged back into the Welland Canal.

For more information, visit Niagara Region's Seaway Wastewater Treatment Plan website. 

The maintenance and management of drinking water and wastewater in Port Colborne, including the setting of rates and fees, are regulated by the City. 

See the Water By-law and the Sewer Use By-law for more information.