The City of Port Colborne's road network consists of city, regional and provincially owned roadways totaling 291.12 km in length. City owned roads account for 242.59 km of the total network. 


If you have concerns about speeding on roadways and would like to inform  the authorities, please contact he Niagara Regional Police Traffic Hotline - 289-248-1060

Firelanes are located along the City's waterfront and consist of private and publicly owned roadways. Firelanes owned and maintained by the city include:
  • Firelane 4 (Beverly Road)
  • Firelane 7 (Ash Street)
  • Firelane 8 (Ashland Avenue)
  • Firelane 9 (Elm Street)
  • Firelane 22 (Maple Grove Road)
  • Firelane 23 (Woodland Road)
 Local Roadways 
 Local roadways mainly provide access to properties and are low traffic with low traffic speed.
 Collector Roadways 
Collector Roadways collect traffic from local roads and provide access to arterial roads and are low to medium traffic with low traffic speed. 
 Arterial Roadways 
Arterial roadways are for traffic movement with minimal access to properties and are medium to high traffic with medium traffic speed.
 Regional Roads 
 Regional owned roads account for 25.33 km of the total network and include the following:
  • Regional Road 3 (Main Street West)
  • Regional Road 3 (Main Street East)
  • Regional Road 5 (Killaly Street West)
  • Regional Road 84 (Miller Road)
  • Regional Road 98 (Wilhelm Road)
  • Regional Road 98 (Forkes Road)
  • Regional Road 3A (Welland Street)
  • Regional Road 3A (Mellanby Avenue)
 Provincial Roads 
 Provincial owned roads account for 23.19km of the network and include:
  • Highway 3
  • Highway 58
  • Highway 140
Truck Route

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Road maintenance program

The City of Port Colborne's roads are inspected and rated on a yearly basis to provide updated pavement condition index information. Road sections are inspected using a pavement evaluation system developed by the Ministry of Transportation adopted to all levels of road management.

The information provided each year is used to create a list of roads for each appropriate maintenance repair.

City of Port Colborne staff ensure that the road maintenance lists align with other capital projects (watermain and sewer construction projects) to ensure efficiencies and avoidance of project overlap. 

Types of Road Maintenance 


 Road resurfacing

Types of resurfacing:

  • Hot Mix Overlay: A new layer of asphalt is placed on top of the existing road
  • Hot Mix Mill & Overlay: A portion of the existing asphalt road is milled off and a new layer of asphalt is placed on the milled surface
  • Surface Treatment: Asphalt emulsion is sprayed on top of the existing road surface or other base material and is coated with a fine aggregate

2022 Proposed Road Resurfacing

Milling of these roads will take place from approximately April 25-27
Paving of these roads will be completed May 2-6
Note: Some roads may be delayed until later into 2022.


Road NameIntersection AIntersection B
 Fares Street  Nickel Street Durham Street
 Mitchell Street  Nickel Street  Durham Street
Janet Street Killaly Street East Lakeshore School
 Fielden Avenue Killaly Street West  Delhi Street
Delhi Street Fielden Avenue Elm Street
Oakwood Killaly Street West Main Street West
Elgin Street Steele Street 180m West
 H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park Southern Parking Lot  
 Neff Street  King Street  East Limit
 Carl Road  Chippawa Road 350m South 
 Snider Road  Forkes Road  South Limit
Forkes Road 225m West of Tracks Snider Road



 Asphalt patch repair

  •  Spot locations repairing pot holes or utility work in a small concentrated area with hot mix mill and overlay

 Asphalt crack sealing

  •  Hot Rubberized Crack Sealant is applied to minimal fractures and cracks to seal and extend the life of existing asphalt

 Dust control

  •  Stabilization solution is applied to surface treated roads to eliminate airborne dust

Street Sweeping Operations

Occurring from spring to fall.

Here are a few ways you can help city staff:

  • Minimize street parking where possible
  • Do not sweep your driveway and sidewalk debris onto the road
  • Do not sweep the gutter or edge of road material into a pile
  • Remove hockey and basketball nets from the edge of the road. 

Roadside Ditching Program

The annual roadside ditching program begins in early spring. This work includes ditch excavation, culvert replacement, and roadside brushing. There will be an increase of truck and equipment traffic on roadways during this time. The work may also require road closures with access for local traffic and deliveries only.


The list of roadways undergoing the roadside ditching program for 2022, in no particular order, include:


 Babion Road  West  Third Concession 100 m South   
 Barber Drive  East  Second Concession  500 m North  
 Carpy's Lane (near ROW)  N/A  Wyldewood Road  340m West  
 Forkes Road  Both Miller Road  Sherk Road  
 Green Road  Both  Forkes Road  North limit  
 Killaly Street East  South  East limit at fork to Hwy 3   
 Learn Road  South Wilhelm Road  5334 Learn Road   
 Miller Road  East Killaly Street East  Friendship Trail   
 Nugent Road  Both North Limit  South Limit   
Second Concession North Snider Road Babion Road  
Sherk Road Both Forkes Road Rail Crossing  
Silver Bay Road North From Friendship Trail 250m East (along trail)  
Third Concession North 1454 Third Concession Babion Road  
White Road  East Rail Crossing 200m South  
White Road West Forkes Road Rail Crossing  



How much money is spent on fixing our roads?

The allocated budget for the 2023 Roads Resurfacing program: $1,286,400.00.