As the City of Port Colborne continues to grow, we are constantly making improvements to the City. This is done through our capital construction projects. These consist of design and construction of roads, sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, and associated infrastructures throughout the City of Port Colborne.

Our 2021 capital projects include

Bulk Water Station Installation

Description of Work

The bulk water station installation project consists of the decommissioning of the existing water station at 1080 Elm Street and installing a new station, along with minor ditching work and watermain installation.



Construction Timeline

Construction to begin early 2021.

At Grade Rail Crossing Improvements

Description of Work:

The at grade rail crossing improvements project consists of the maintenance of 37 grade crossings located on roads under the City's jurisdiction, including removal of sightline obstructions such as vegetation, signage placement and asphalt repairs.



Construction Timeline:

Construction to begin early 2021 and be completed by mid- June.