The City of Port Colborne's filming policy outlines the application process, terms and conditions of approval, and directives for filming in Port Colborne, including, but not limited to, City facilities and buildings, streets and roads, parks, trails and pathways, and beaches. The policy applies to the following categories of filming projects:

  • feature films;
  • short films;
  • television films;
  • television network (including reality) programs/series;
  • commercials (for-profit) and music videos;
  • documentaries;
  • educational films;
  • student and not-for-profit films and commercials; and
  • general commercial (including drone and aircraft) videography. 

The City reserves the right to refuse filming and issuing a film permit to any applicant that does not comply and/or satisfy the criteria of the filming policy, including any filming project that contains scripted content which may be considered offensive, discriminatory, obscene or controversial. Decisions, including those that involve revoking a film permit, will be made on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the City Clerk or designate. 

Projects that are not subject to this policy include:

  • street interviews;
  • newscasts and current affairs;
  • press conferences;
  • filming for personal purposes;
  • videography related to weddings, sports, tourism, City-run events; and
  • general photography.


The filming policy is administered by the Economic Development & Tourism Services (EDTS) Division. The Film Liaison is the initial and primary contact for all filming requests. Applications requesting approval for filming in the City of Port Colborne must be submitted in writing to the EDTS Division according to the lead time requirements set out in the filming policy. Applications will be received by the Film Liaison and directed to the appropriate City departments or divisions for review.

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