Seniors bill

Beginning April 1, the City of Port Colborne is now offering a wastewater credit for seniors on a guaranteed income supplement (GIS).

At Monday’s meeting, Council approved the program and acknowledged the importance of supporting seniors in the community. Starting this April, individuals who are eligible for the program will receive a $244 credit on their water account with the City of Port Colborne when they provide their Application and supporting document before December 1. 2021

“Being able to provide programs like the wastewater credit is important for our community,” said Mayor Bill Steele. “When approving the 2021 water and wastewater budget, Council made it a priority to look for ways to offset costs for residents living on a guaranteed income supplement.”

Port Colborne seniors interested in applying for the wastewater credit can do so online. The following conditions are required to qualify:

  • Applicant must be a water and wastewater rate payer
  • Applicant is 65 years of age or older
  • The credit can only be applied to the property where the applicant is living
  • Applicant must currently be receiving a guaranteed income supplement (GIS)

Citizens who are eligible, please complete the Seniors GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) Wastewater application and return by mail: 66 Charlotte Street, email: or by fax: 905-834-5746 

“When creating the water wastewater budget, we try to find strategic solutions to offset additional costs while ensuring we can continue to maintain and update current infrastructure,” said Director of Corporate Services, Bryan Boles. “I’m confident the 2021 budget will allow us to explore opportunities to improve future water system projects.”

The City of Port Colborne is also currently in the process of updating its water billing schedule. Starting October 2021, water billing will move from a quarterly to a monthly billing cycle. During this time, a $25 credit will be offered to all residents who choose to register for Pre-Authorized Payments. More information will be available this September.

All applications for the year 2021 must be submitted by December 1, 2021.

For more information on Port Colborne water and wastewater, please visit the City’s website.