Sewer responsibility

Residential and commercial properties have private sewer services, which connect to the City-owned main sewers.

Property owners are responsible for the private sewer service from the property line to their building. The City is responsible for all services and mains on public property.

To ensure the sanitary sewers are in proper working order, City staff perform routine camera inspections and cleaning of the main sewers.

Sewer back-ups

If you experience water coming up through your floor drain either during or following a rain storm, or while using large amounts of water (i.e. laundry) you may have a blocked sewer service.

You can call a private contractor or plumber to undertake the repair or you can contact the City of Port Colborne. If you contact the City, a crew will respond to your property and complete the following:

  • Operations staff will determine the location and cause of the sewer backup.
  • If it is determined that the blockage is located in the city portion of the sewer, Operations staff will remove the blockage by whatever means is determined to best suit the conditions.
  • If it is determined that the blockage is located in the private portion of the sewer, the property owner will be advised of the findings and will have the option of requesting the Operations staff to remove the blockage at the rates set out in the current Rates and Fees Bylaw for Engineering and Operations Services. The fee schedule provides rates to reflect the cost of the service during regular working hours and after hours.
  • The City will take all reasonable precautions not to damage any property during the maintenance operations. The City will not assume any responsibility or liability for any damages.

Please consider the following prior to a City crew arriving:

  • there must be clear access to the sewer service clean out, City staff cannot move personal property;
  • pets inside the home must be restrained; and
  • material should be put down to protect floors, City staff cannot remove their work boots.

Please refer to the City's Sewer Rodding Policy (bylaw 6143/109/14) for additional information.