A permit is required to install a swimming pool. The pool guide is intended to assist residents to view the requirements to apply for a pool permit, including all required safety features and protection from unauthorized entry. A permit for a Swimming pool for the construction of a swimming pool only.

Permit requirements

Below is the information required to submit an application for a pool only permit. Two (2) copies of all drawings are required to submit for a permit.

Any structures that exceeds 108 square feet (10 meters squared) as well as decks beyond 23-5/8” (500mm) in height from grade require a separate permit.


The non-refundable Building Permit Application Fee is payable at time of permit application. This and other fees applicable to building permits can be found in ‘Schedule X' of the Rates and Fees By-law.


A building deposit will apply to all In-Ground and On-Ground pools. The deposit amount can be found in ‘Schedule X'. The deposit may be returned after the project has passed final inspection, and no damaged has occurred to City property.


After a pool permit has been issued, an inspection prior to filling the pool with water will be required. The inspection will ensure that all safety measures are in place as per the submitted site plan, the requirements set out in the swimming pool By-law and the pool guide.