The appropriate planning fees are required to be submitted with planning applications. These fees help cover the cost of work done by planning, legal, infrastructure and public works in the review of development applications. The Region of Niagara and Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority may also require certain application forms and fees to be submitted as part of your application to the City.

Fees are to be submitted to the municipality with the planning application as part of the City's complete application policies. Failure to submit any of the required fees may result in a delay processing the application.

 2022 Planning Application Fees

Planning ApplicationApplication Fee
Official Plan

Official Plan Amendment

Adjournment of Official Plan Amendment (if requested)




Zoning By-law

Zoning By-law Amendment 

Adjournment of Zoning By-law Amendment (if requested)

Removal of a Holding Symbol

Temporary Use By-law

Preparation of a Temporary Use Agreement

Extension of a Temporary Use








Plan of Subdivision

Draft Plan Approval of Subdivision

Redline Revisions/Change of Conditions to Draft Plan

Extension to Draft Plan Approval

Final Plan Approval

Amendment to Subdivision Agreement

Part Lot Control

Deeming By-Law

Discharge of a Subdivision Agreement

Validation Order











Plan of Condominium

Draft Plan Approval of Condominium

Redline Revisions/Change of Conditions to Draft Plan

Extension to Draft Plan Approval

Final Plan Approval

Condominium Conversion

Amendment to Condominium Agreement

Discharge of a Condominium Agreement

Condominium Exemption Request










Site Plan Control

Site Plan Control Approval

Amendment to Site Plan Agreement

Discharging of a Site Plan Agreement





Committee of Adjustment

Minor Variance/Expansion of Non-Conforming Use

Minor Variance (Building without a Permit)

Consent (New Lot) 


Lot Addition/Boundary Adjustment

Adjournment of a Consent or Variance (if requested)

Changes to Consent Conditions

Final Certification Fee

Validation of Title











Combined Applications

Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendments

Official Plan, Zoning By-law Amendments & Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condo

Zoning By-law Amendment & Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condo

Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment & Site Plan Control

Zoning By-law Amendment & Site Plan Control

Consent & Minor Variance

Consent & Development Agreement

Consent/Lot Addition & Zoning By-law Amendment

Minor Variance & Development Agreement












Quarry/Pit Establishment or Expansion

Telecommunication Facilities Consultation Process

Compliance Letter

Compliance Letter Express (within 3 days)

Development Agreement

Discharging of a Development Agreement

Front Ending Agreement

OMB Subpoena - First Day

OMB Subpoena - thereafter












Pre - Consultation

Plans of Subdivision / Official Plan Amendment / Zoning By-law Amendment / Site Plan Control - PRE-CONSULTATION

Consent / Minor Variance - PRE-CONSULTATION





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Contact information

For more information regarding the City of Port development fees and charges, please contact the Planning & Development Assistant.