My Main Street

Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), My Main Street is a partnership between the Economic Development Council of Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute.

Port Colborne is one of 65 communities across southern Ontario to participate in the Local Business Accelerator Program, a data-driven community economic development program focused on revitalizing main streets while also providing residents, new entrepreneurs, and existing businesses with economic opportunities in their main street community.

The My Main Street Local Business Accelerator Program is taking place in the Main Street BIA and Downtown BIA areas and will run until mid-February 2023.

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 What is a Main Street Ambassador? 

The Main Street Ambassador is focused on implementing the opportunities surfaced through data analysis and providing free hands-on business advisory support to entrepreneurs along the participating main streets.

 How does my business receive assistance? 
To receive assistance, please contact Olga Loeffen, Main Street Ambassador, at 905-835-2900 x507 or olga.loeffen[at]
 What kind of support will my small business receive? 

Businesses within each of the participating areas have access to a range of supports, including:

  • Market Research: Access to customized market research reports to assist local businesses in understanding their customers and growing their business.
  • Business Funding Support: Businesses that qualify may be eligible to receive a non-repayable funding contribution of up to $10,000 to support starting or growing their business.
  • Business Opportunities: Based on customized market research data, new business opportunities will be identified for local entrepreneurs to explore and initiate.
  • Business Training: Access to a range of on-demand and in-person virtual training sessions to support business operations.
 Is there any cost associated with My Main Street? 
There is no cost or fee to receive the support services of the Main Street Ambassador.