A permit is not required to build a fence.  However, you must adhere to prescribed height and property line restrictions. The Fence By-law includes definitions of material restrictions and penalties for non-compliance. Please note, there is not good side or bad side of a fence under our by-law. Our fence guide is available to assist residents with requirements and guidelines for erecting a fence.

Fence height requirements
Fence locationHeight limit
Front yard  1 metre
Interior side yard  2 metres
Exterior side yard  1 metre (adjacent to road)
Rear yard  2 metres
Sight triangle 0.75 metres
Parallel to driveway  1 metre with 50% visibility

Additional information

All fences, hedges, garden walling, retaining walls natural and non-natural barriers, erected, constructed or grown shall be solely contained within the limits of the owner and/or owners’ property including all foundations and footings.