If you want to change the way you use all or part of your building you may need a change of use permit. Different building uses have different code requirements. The proposed Change of use may have to be reviewed to ensure that the existing building can support the change in use. Even though no construction may be planned, upgrading of one or more of the following areas may be required.

  • Fire safety (removing or changing wall fire separations, exits, exit signs and emergency lightening, and fire alarm system)
  • door hardware
  • washrooms and fixtures
  • HVAC system (ventilation)

It is recommended that the applicant check with the Planning Division to ensure that the proposed change in use complies with the City of Port Colborne Zoning By-law.

Permit application

The applicant must obtain a designer licensed in the Province of Ontario to review the existing building and to prepare the plans (i.e. Architect, Engineer or Qualified Designer).

Two (2) copies of the following information is required to submit for a change of use permit:

  • Permit Application
  • Letter of use (includes buildings use in detail, occupant loads, number of employees, and anything that might affect the design of the space).
  • Site Plan
  • Architectural plans (floor plans with dimensions, building sections, Fire separations)
  • Part 10 Building Matrix as applicable.