The Building Division is responsible for the issuance of building permits in accordance with the Ontario Building Code, the Building By-Law and other applicable legislation.

For a complete guide to the building permit process, check out our Citizen's Guide to Building Permits.

Apply for a building permit

To apply for a permit you can submit the completed permit application and all required information to the Building Department in City Hall. It is recommended that you speak to the Building Division prior to submitting an application to ensure that all the required information is submitted.  Incomplete applications may be delayed due to missing information.

No construction can begin until a building permit has been issued and picked up. Before starting a project be sure to contact Ontario One Call.

The Building Division is responsible for, issuing the following permits:

Once a Building permit application has been submitted, a plans examination is completed to ensure that the drawings submitted meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, the Building By-law and other applicable regulations.

 Projects requiring a permit

Building permits are required, but not limited to the projects below:

  • New construction over 108 square feet (10 square meters) in area.
  • Accessory Buildings over 108 square feet (10 square meters) in area.
  • Additions to existing buildings (any size).
  • Decks greater than 23-5/8 inches (600 millimeters) above finished grade.
  • Renovations
  • Change of Use
  • Structural Alteration
  • Pre-fabricated Buildings over 108 square feet (10 square meters) in area.
  • Farm Buildings
  • Fireplaces
  • Material Alterations - alterations to or new exit facilities, fire separations, fire protection systems.
  • Plumbing - alterations or new plumbing systems as well as new services where applicable.
  • Swimming Pools
  • Demolition
  • Permanent Tents
  • Temporary Event Tents
  • Relocating a structure or building.
  • Any other building or structure designated by the Building Code.

If your project is not listed please contact the Building Division. All buildings are required to meet the City's Zoning By-law regardless if a building permit is required.  These restrictions apply whether a building permit is required or not.


Once a building permit is issued, inspections must be completed at various stages of construction. The owner is responsible for ensuring the inspections are booked. A minimum of two (2) days notice is required to book a building inspection. The inspections will ensure the requirements set out in the Ontario Building Code, the Building By-Law and other applicable regulations are met. Please refer to your building package for instructions on how your inspections are scheduled. There is a handout that is intended to assist in avoiding common deficiencies found on inspections.

You will also be required to:

  • Show your permit in a window or where it can be easily seen.
  • Keep copies of the approved plans on site.
  • Contact the Building Department at various stages of construction to schedule appropriate inspections.
  • Contact the Building Department about any changes, which may require approval before proceeding.

The inspector must always be able to see all the work that has been completed. If the completed work is different from the approved permit, you will be required to complete the necessary work so that the project matches what was approved by the Building Department. If the work is not corrected, the Chief Building Official has the authority to take legal action.


Approvals may be required from other agencies such as:

Ontario Building Code

The Building Code Act, 1992 is the legislative framework for the construction, renovation and change-of-use of a building. The Ontario Building Code is a regulation under the Act that creates detailed standards for construction and the administration of building permits.

The purposes of the Ontario Building Code is to promote, health and safety, fire protection, resource conservation, environmental integrity and accessibility through appropriate standards.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is responsible for the development of, and any changes to the Building Code Act and the Code.

Building without a permit

Anyone who starts construction without a permit may be subject to penalties and additional fees. Anyone who is charged and found guilty of building without a permit can be fined up to $50,000 for a first offence and up to $100,000 for repeated offences. Fines are even higher for corporations. Fines may also be levied if you do not follow an order from the building department.