A permit is required to build an accessory structure. The accessory structure guide is available to assist residents with the requirements to apply for a permit. To apply for a permit you can submit the completed permit application and all required information to the Building Department in City Hall.

Accessory Structures include but are not limited to: Decks, Sheds, Garages, and Roof structures.

Permit requirements

Below is the information required to apply for a permit. Two (2) copies of all drawings are required in order to apply.


The non-refundable Building Permit Application Fee is payable at time of permit application. This and other fees applicable to building permits can be found in ‘Schedule X' of the Rates and Fees By-law.


A building deposit will apply to all permits for an accessory structure. The deposit amount is can be found in ‘Schedule X'. The deposit may be returned after the project has passed final inspection, and no damaged has occurred to City property.


After a building permit has been issued, inspections will be required to be completed at various stages of construction. The owner is responsible for ensuring the inspections are booked. A minimum of two (2) days noticed is required to book a building inspection. The inspections will ensure the requirements set out in the Ontario Building Code, the Building By-law and other applicable regulations are met. Please refer to your building package for instructions on how your inspections are scheduled. There is a handout that is intended to assist in avoiding common deficiencies found on inspections.